Only together are we strong. As a young startup, we are particularly proud of our extensive and international partner network. Our innovation paired with years of experience, know-how and knowledge ensures enormous reliability and quality. Consisting of established medium-sized businesses and regional companies, we can fulfill almost every wish and support you in the best possible way with your projects.

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Richnerstutz AG is one of the most established store, event and trade fair constructors in Switzerland. With individual communication concepts, the company offers solutions to countless customers. Today, the company has more than 140 employees and shines through years of experience in a wide variety of fields.

Richnerstutz AG is the exclusive MAGNWALL distributor in Switzerland.

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Service Graphics is the UK’s largest visual communications provider. The company has a long and proven track record across a wide range of sectors. Technical knowledge, innovative thinking and a dynamic approach are incorporated into every project.

Service Graphics is part of the Paragon Group, a €1.2 billion communications company, and has locations across the country.

Service Graphics is the exclusive MAGNWALL distributor in the UK.

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As a member of the Procedes Group, Tripp stands for exceptional results in trade fair, exhibition and store design. Whatever you want to have perfectly staged, whether wall and ceiling systems, banners, large format prints, elements with light accents, graphic frames or the implementation of textile elements – Tripp has suitable solutions ready.

Tripp is the exclusive MAGNWALL distributor in Austria.

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Smartdings develops IoT solutions and designs individual software with proven standard components, frameworks and cloud solutions.

Smartdings advises and supports you in finding the best solution for your smart product. The focus is always on the product and the future user. Because only in this way can a technically excellent product become a success on the market.

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Bigger, more colorful, more extraordinary. Thamm is a full-service provider for those special moments: someone who not only shines with extraordinary ideas, but also understands his craft and offers the associated service. That’s why the company focuses on holistic solutions for use in trade fair and shop fitting, at the point of sale and in (interior) architecture – from idea development to production and on-site assembly.

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As a leading manufacturer of permanent magnetic assemblies, the company has been offering everything from a single source since 1963, from magnet technology to plastics technology and metal processing. Development as well as production and assembly are located at the Hardt site. With modern machinery, innovative product concepts and great consulting competence, the company manufactures several million magnet systems “Made in Germany” every year.

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Metallux AG, based in the Rems-Murr district near Stuttgart, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, foil sensors, resistors, pressure sensors and industrial joysticks in thick-film technologies. Innovative products and many years of experience in the field of sensors make Metallux a valued business partner.

The company’s efforts are particularly active and committed in the automotive, medical technology, wind/solar energy, and aerospace industries. Metallux sees its task as always offering solutions tailored to customer needs in addition to perfect products.

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Mektec Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Nippon Mektron, the world market leader in flexible printed circuits with production sites worldwide. With locations in Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Mektec Europe employs around 1200 people. The business focuses on automotive, industrial, medical and smart electronics customers.

Mektec offers support from the initial idea, during their development work, in the creation of prototypes through to industrialization, combining local know-how with global design and production standards.

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Ronda Design’s mission is to make interiors ever more interesting, functional and livable, starting with the home. They challenge conventional thinking in terms of shapes, materials, patterns and colors, playing with their own elements and creating technologically innovative, aesthetically unique and functional products that meet all kinds of requirements: beyond expectations, beyond the contemporary experience and beyond all interior design standards.

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Schaufenster-konzept für Schuhe

Das Stuttgarter Kaufhaus Breuninger verwendet MAGNWALL, um die Unterführung zum Parkhaus aktiv als Werbe- und Verkaufsfläche nutzen zu können.  Beleuchtete LED-Shelves für Schuhe, welche den Blick der Passanten auf sich ziehen, ergänzt durch geschickt platzierte Spotlights und Deckenbeleuchtung machen es fast unmöglich, die Schaufenster zu ignorieren.  

Horst Wanschura

Fashion Boutique

Dieser Fashion Room in der Stuttgarter Innenstadt suchte nach einer Möglichkeit, seine Produkte besser inszenieren zu können und gleichzeitig der Schnelllebigkeit der Modewelt gerecht zu werden. Die MAGNWALL-Installation ermöglicht ihm eine flexible, maßgeschneiderte Platzierung aller Produkte. Im Handumdrehen können leuchtende Regalböden durch Kleiderhaken, rotierende Flächen oder Monitore ausgetauscht oder neu angeordnet werden, ganz ohne die Hilfe von Fachpersonal. Auch der Hintergrund lässt sich durch austauschbare Stoffbanner jederzeit flexibel an verschiedene Gegebenheiten anpassen.  

Coming soon...



Shop in Shop System

Die US-Amerikanische Sonnenbrillenmarke RAEN suchte für ihren Europa-Rollout ein ansprechendes und flexibles Instore-Konzept. Durch die Nutzung von MAGNWALL können die Installationen bei Optikern unkompliziert und individuell angepasst werden. Zusätzlich wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit RAEN eine neue Produktreihe, “Slim LED Shelves”, entwickelt. Diese beleuchteten Metallregale leuchten Produkte ideal aus und bleiben dabei trotzdem dank ihres schmalen Profils unauffällig im Hintergrund.


Beauty Marken Schaufenster mit App Steuerung

Die Premium-Parfümerie-Kette Unique wollte sich mit MAGNWALL durch eine zukunftsorientierte CI und ein modernes, marken– und zielgruppenkonformes Schaufensterkonzept gezielt als Premium-Shopping-Destination im Beauty-Bereich positionieren. Ziel war ein flexibles, austauschbares und nachhaltiges Retailkonzept mit digitalen Touchpoints, welches gleichzeitig Abfall reduzierte und Kampagnen auf lange Sicht günstiger machte.