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MAGNWALL is the most flexible, innovative, user-friendly and sustainable shop and shopfitting system. For many retailers and stores, it takes a lot of time and money to present shop windows and products well. MAGNWALL has the solution for retailers to place products at the POS in a cost-efficient, flexible and sustainable way. MAGNWALL technology makes it possible to place electrified consumers and devices such as lighting, shelves or monitors completely freely on the wall and to replace them as required – without the need for skilled personnel. Obstacles such as screws, grids or cables are a thing of the past.

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We offer basic system components together with accessories such as shelves, eye-catchers, mobile lights, monitors, mannequins, adapters, fixings and free-standing walls or floor elements. The products can be combined with the MAGNWALL app, which allows you to remotely control TVs, tablets and lights.

Our MAGNWALL concept can be used everywhere completely or as an addition to your store fitting system.

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Shop Window Concept for Shoes

The Stuttgart department stores’ Breuninger uses MAGNWALL to actively use the subway to the multi-storey car park as advertising and sales space.  Illuminated LED shelves for shoes, which catch the eye of passers-by, supplemented by cleverly placed spotlights and ceiling lighting make it almost impossible to ignore the shop windows.

Horst Wanschura

Fashion Boutique

This fashion room in Stuttgart’s city centre was looking for a way to better stage its products while keeping up with the fast pace of the fashion world. The MAGNWALL installation allows him a flexible, customised placement of all products. In the blink of an eye, illuminated shelves can be replaced or rearranged with coat hooks, rotating surfaces or monitors, all without the help of specialist staff. The background can also be flexibly adapted to different circumstances at any time by means of exchangeable fabric banners.



Shop in Shop System

The US sunglasses brand RAEN was looking for an appealing and flexible in-store concept for its European rollout. By using MAGNWALL, the installations at opticians can be easily and individually adapted. In addition, a new product range, “Slim LED Shelves”, was developed in cooperation with RAEN. These illuminated metal shelves ideally illuminate products and yet remain inconspicuous in the background thanks to their slim profile.


Beauty Brand Shop Window with App Control

With MAGNWALL, the premium perfumery chain Unique wanted to position itself specifically as a premium shopping destination in the beauty sector through a future-oriented CI and a modern shop window concept that conforms to the brand and target group. The goal was a flexible, interchangeable and sustainable retail concept with digital touchpoints that simultaneously reduced waste and made campaigns cheaper in the long run.